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NY Closing In

I left a few notes in the car that I wanted to mention but sadly the trip is coming to a close and I am currently in Raleigh NC. I got in last night after driving over 3 hours from Myrtle Beach. Yesterday was by far my best beach day. Before heading to the beach I decided to take in a quick round of 18 on the miniature golf course. Even though I was playing with myself I was still very competitive and got upset when I missed shots and happy when I landed my three hole in ones. The course wasn’t crowded but I still suspect some of the people couldn’t help to notice the solo golfer taking it rather seriously.. Myrtle Beach is a short one that is lined with rather large hotels, the beach itself probably only stretches about 100 yards or so. It reminds me a lot of Wildwood, NJ just times 5. The air temp was in the high 80’s and the water was beautiful. I went in a few times throwing my Frisbee and diving through the waves like a fish. My favorite time for the beach is between 3 and 5, usually by than the sun isn’t so intense its less crowded and just a peak time for me to be on the beach and usually by that time I’m waking up from a beach nap. I do my best to entertain myself at the beach but I’ll admit it would be nice to have someone on the other end to catch the Frisbee or play a game of bocce or clam toss. That last dip of the day was the best as the waves had picked up and I was able to body surf a few and dive through the rest. As I stood mid waist deep and looked along the coast as the waves crashed it was another moment where I just stopped and thought to myself what a kick ass trip!.

The ride up to Raleigh was rather uneventful and the direct route was through the back woods of both SC and NC. Usually when I head to the next city I ride on highways or interstates but although you drop down in speed limit quite a bit it’s nice to get off the highways and take in the back roads. One of my notes was driving at night which I’m not a huge fan of. As I’ve mentioned previously I try and be off the roads by 10 or 11. Driving in the light of day is better for a number of reasons but obviously due to safety and scenery. Prior to making my way up to Myrtle Beach I drove out to Hilton Head the day before. It was a very nice area but it seems to be a bit exclusive and not as developed as places like Myrtle Beach and assume it’s a rather pricey trip. If you can’t already tell since hitting the coast in Texas my game plan has been trying to go to a different beach every day. Although I am inland now in Raleigh I will be heading back to the coast tonight to the outer banks to see what all that hype is about.

I only have a about a week left in the trip as I have to be home on the 10th to see the birth of my twin sisters third baby. I think this is number 9 for the family but I must say I’m rather excited about this new member of the family for a number of reasons. So with the trip coming to a close here is what I’m looking at……

Sunday – Outer Banks
Monday – Virginia Beach
Tuesday – Wildwood
Wednesday – AC

And on Thursday Friday morning ish I will be back in NY. I’m sure I will get into more thoughts about wrapping the trip up as I get closer to NY but the visualizing the map always strikes me and the huge distances I have covered. It feels like ages ago when I was sitting there in Butte Montana watching the fireworks or waking up in Yellow Stone going on my next morning hike. The good thing about the trip is I don’t dwell on the past and with every day there is something new. Today the plan is to hit the links although Matt is still sleeping but I guess the best time to hit the course is in the heat of the day! Let me go wake him and tell him we need to jump my car as I left my fridge plugged in last night which killed my battery, oh well. I thought my last blog was a lot better than this one but I did finish video tour of the focus living space so I will try and get that link up today...


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