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Hitting the South Ya'llll

I dropped off on my blog a bit so I’ll attempt to catch up. I’m sitting Panama City Beach, Florida and it looks like it’s about to pour! I spent the night with one of my mother’s friends from Yonkers and although I have never met them it was really good seeing Buddy and Eileen. So here we go I believe I left off in NM leaving White Sands…

The Inns of Gods / NM – This was a casino I wasn’t planning on stopping at but like most past along the way and then headed in. I was excited that this was going to be a better casino than the last few as it was tucked away on an Indian reservation. I went right to the craps to table and was soon up 160 for the next few hours I bounced around casino going from craps to 21 to roulette and even missed a 30:1 bonus when I hit quads in Texas Holdem Showdown. I was gambling and winning, every time I cashed in I put down some 20’s and soon found myself with another stack to play with. I gambled for almost 3 hours and was about 400 then decided to head to Roswell about an hour away to sleep for the night. I treated myself to sonic along the way and it was a quick ride to Roswell. The town was a bit of a let down for me, I just imagined it being smaller and filled with Alien and UFO figures and stores ect. all over the place. It had a decent amount but not enough to keep me any longer so it was time to make the long drive across Texas.

Texas – I mentioned visiting the stadium in my last blog but should reiterate how flat Texas is, you drive for 40, 50 miles than come across a small town that only takes minutes to drive through than your quickly on to another 40, 50 miles till the next. I eventually left Dallas stadium and met up with my some friends for drinks. Although I have only seen my friend Amber once or twice its always good seeing people I know along the way. After drinks I headed south skipped Austin and by the early afternoon the next day I was through Houston and on the beaches of Galveston. Here comes the thunder! I went to East Beach and was able to drive my car out to the water which was cool and watched the massive freighters leave one by one. The water is a bit murky but very warm and I enjoyed my time diving through the waves. Early that evening the focus got a lift on a public ferry which was a simple trip but an enjoyable one and I believe my first ferry ride.

Louisiana – I had visited New Orleans maybe about 5 years ago which is a trip I will never forget and as the saying goes “it’s not the destination but the journey” and that was quite the journey!. As I drove in I couldn’t help but to notice the number of signs for Lauberge Casino in Lake Charles where I had originally decided to stop. A lot of times you just look at those highway bill boards and not give it much thought but its good advertising and several times on this trip I have made stops because of them. The casino was very nice but as I walked around it was hard for me to get into gambling mode and it didn’t help that minimum on the craps table was 15 which I thought was rather high. I decided to try another casino down the street but with no luck there I came back to Lauberge only to do another quick walk through the casino but still lacked motivation to hit the tables so I called it a night. I did some driving that morning down south through the “swampy area” and caught another shorter ferry that allowed me to stay on a direct route along the coast. The driving was nice and I enjoyed seeing the swampy marsh areas, the gulf to my right and the many houses on stilts. (very humid in florida) I spent that night in Baton Rouge which was good because they had a Hollywood Casino there and I was able to have a few drinks and gamble. I did get slow rolled that night in poker which pissed me off, I called a guys all in with 55 flop came 5j2 but he caught with trip 8’s on the river then only flipped one card and decided to mock me. I usually don’t get into the trash talk but I did let him have some. The following day I spent driving to NO played a bit at Harrahs and walked around Bourbon Street. People make a big deal about Bourbon Street but I honestly don’t get it, sure you can drink on the street but I think it is very run down with filth and questionable characters and guys who basically surround women as they walk. Gambling was up and down in Louisiana and Bourbon Street was a down and NO on a whole ehhhhh.

Gulfport/Biloxi– That morning I woke up in another walmart parking lot but not your normal walmart as this one had a beach across the street. I decided to grab an umbrella and bought some food and beer and then headed to the beach. This area comes and goes with the tides and you literally have to walk out maybe 50, 60 yards just to get waist deep water and the water is very warm probably close to 80. The beach was good but hot and with not much of a relief from the water after a few hours I decided to head into the casino. Gulfport and Biloxi are rather close and the good part about Biloxi is they have 4 major casino’s on the beach Grand Casino (Harrahs), Isle Capri, Hard Rock and the Palace. I spent the night at the Hard Rock first gambling for a bit then went to grab some sushi only to decide to turn back and spend the night at the Hard Rock. The Hard Rock had a good vibe to it and some decent gambling with a good mix of min bets on their tables. I think all and all I went left that night up about 100. I should mention that I don’t play nearly as much roulette as I use to as Craps is my game of choice right now even more than poker. Don’t get me wrong I love poker but just don’t have the time to grind it out at the tables and rather would go with a quick score in Craps. Something also hit me in the last two weeks and with the exception of the Come/Don’t Pass I have a solid understanding of the game and have hit my first hard bet and a few yo’s. I thought these blogs would be a lot shorter but I have to mention this one guy I rolled with. He was from the south making a lot of noise so of course I went over and decided to play as in craps the louder the table is usually the better it is. On a Saturday night the hard rock was crowded wit most players dressed nicely for a night but he was wearing a camo hat, camo shorts, camo crocs and he was also dipping. Soon after I jumped in it was his turn to roll and he grabbed 4 green chips ($25) from his pocket stacked them sloppy on the line and said “ I’m betttttten that” with a strong southern accent....bam 7 he took his winnings and stacked them once again only to hit another 7 and do it one more time. He also kept saying “All I want is a damn cold beer” and at one point the dealer made a joke about asking if he was on the show swamp people. I would have liked to see him stick around a bit longer but his wife left him and he soon knew he had to follow behind but not before winning me two "ace duece bets". I have just enjoyed meeting characters like this along the way it makes my trip a bit more memorable. I enjoyed my time in Biloxi its a good mix for me of the beaches and the casino and all the southern hospitality doesn't hurt either.

Still waiting for the clouds to give way but according to the weather forecast the afternoon was suppose to be worse. I’ll eventually get in the water today and I am hoping to do another random blog with some of my thoughts and also try a do a quick video tour of my living space....



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