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The Trip. I will be leaving NY around the 16th of June and returning around the second week in August. I have taken 8 weeks off from my job after asking for a leave of absence and am happy they have granted me the time off. I work in sales as a healthcare recruiter and lucky for me it hasn't been a bad year and usually July tends to be the slowest month of the year so timing is good. I was honestly quite surprised on how smooth the meeting with the bosses went about my possible "sabbatical", however I must say I am glad I did some research prior to the meeting and preparing a written letter.

I have been planning my trip and have included a map below of places that I plan on visiting but realize I may have to skip a few. I am a huge poker player so I plan on hitting a lot of casinos and playing some cards along the way hopefully earning me some money and a pretty intense poker chip collection. I have also included a number of destinations such as attractions and other types of scenery. Lastly I after being motivated by so much of the food channel I will hit some key spots to fill up my stomach. I do wish I had some more friends and family along the way but I plan on visiting some friends in Denver, San Diego and Raleigh. I have put a good amount of thought into this trip and when I leave in a few weeks it should be planned enough (i wish they would auto cap the i's) but still allow me the freedom of the open road.

I will be driving a 2010 ford focus and spending most of my nights in my car with a decent mix of motels/hotels still debating the camping route. My finances will be paid up for the next 3 months and I have also budgeted a traveling and poker bank roll. I figured roughly the trip will be about 10,000 miles and based on the average national gas price that about 1,100 and change just in fuel. I know there are several points on the maps but I don't have a set schedule but more of a time frame when I want to hit say Denver, Cali, Vegas, TX, Fl than back up the East Coast. However I have to say when so many people are struggling these days I find myself to be extremely lucky to have the means of taking a trip of this nature.

I am still working on the "living situations" for the next week hmm perhaps I should the name the focus for the trip. I plan on getting my windows tinted for a bit of privacy and have purchased the following:
A small air mattress that is too long for my back seat so I will have to improvise.
A 12v Cooler/Mini Fridge
A new power/antenna cord for my Sirius (yes I do like stern)
Bestek 75w dc/ac inverter

Still need:
Roadside Kit / Cables
Crack Radio
Inflatable Kayak
Sleeping Bag / Blanket

I am going to go back to some planning of the trip but hopefully will be able to add some pictures of the car with the accessories and perhaps a few snap shots of my excel spread sheet. I was also consider making some "zubie tour" t-shirts to maybe give out along the way!!



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