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Vegas and the Chase

Ever since visiting Vegas for the first time a few years ago I have always wanted to drive in rather than fly which I got to do this past week, actually I think after being there for the first time I wanted to move. After leaving San Diego I didn’t see much on my travels but I did make a stop at the Valley View Casino to check out the Tanks tank and do a little gambling. Tank has become a show that I always tune into when I come across and knew I wanted to check out this massive tank and plus it’s in a casino so you can’t go wrong. The tank was huge it runs the length of an entire wall and has a lot of casino décor and flashy fish. I spent some time admiring the fish and left losing 40 in the casino but was up with my view of the fish. From that point on it was just a lot of driving in the desert and the heat increased as I got further in. Driving in Vegas was on the top of the list and from SD and as I approached I couldn’t help to get excited. I remember just being 27 miles outside and just had another moment like many on this trip where I pause and can’t believe it’s happening and got an instant rush. It’s interesting to look at the history of the Sin City which was at first just a stop over and than later became the Mecca it is today as the need for water had to be solved by the building of the hoover dam. It’s funny the Vegas we see today got its roots from all those construction workers that needed to pass the time, hence gambling, liquor and the show girls, I guess with men not a lot has changed over the years. You can appreciate its isolation when you drive in or fly in during the day because there isn’t much that surrounds it. The drive in was good and I was happy to come through the desert and land on the strip. I always get the same feeling when I get to Vegas seeing the strip for the first time it just pours out energy and excitement. I quickly found a hotel room at the NY NY for about 70 picked up some beer than headed up to my room. Now this was my first time since leaving NY that I had a room other than my Escort. It was great feeling to be able to have a bed, tv a cool room to lounge in ahhhhh it was nice. By the time I head checked in and got settled it was about 730 so I relaxed for a bit then headed to the casino which was a short play on the wheel but at this point I am pretty hooked on craps but that’s going to have to wait till the south. I decided that I would try and hit up Pure that night and made my way over to Cesar’s ( Is this the real Caesars palace, they get that a lot I asked last time). I like going to Pure especially going up enjoying a beer on the outdoor deck that looks over the strip. Unfortunately I talked my way into a pass but was clowned at the door as apparently it had to be used at 12 and judging by the looks of the line I wasn’t about to pay 40. I gambled a bit and got back what I lost at NY NY then walked around for a bit hit the MGM, Bellagio and back to NY NY but Vegas was a bit quiet that night.

This blog is getting longer than expected but then again I was in Vegas. My second day I knew I wanted a change of scenery and despite the questionable reviews I gave Harrah’s a shot. I’m not a huge fan of the Harrah’s properties but you can’t go wrong with this pick in Vegas especially if you’re on a budget. The location is great, the rooms are nice, pool ehh but you could always hit others and plus they don’t bang you for the 18 resort fee and the room was a steal at 35. I spent the day hitting more casinos and played some poker at planet Hollywood. I’ll keep this short but when I first sat down the table was real bleak and just as I was about to leave but some real ATM’s came in (people who just give away their money). This one lady was a pawn broker from the south and honestly I don’t think she knew had to play and was quickly down 300. It was frustrating because I tried but couldn’t get a piece of the action and somehow left losing about 85. That night I relaxed in the room and got an earlier start as I was hoping to hit up XS or Tryst which is two clubs that I have enjoyed in the past but upon arrival I learned that both were closed. When I was walking through the Wynn trying to figure out my next move there was a real live craps game going that I couldn’t say know to. I quickly threw down the only 20 I had in my pocket and was soon up to about 50 than came my turn to roll. Craps is a very social game the louder and more excited the players are the more you are going to win and this table was no exception. It was funny as everyone rolled you knew where they were from so it was “come on jerzzzzey” or “let’s go tex” “your fired pitts” and of course after saying I was from NY I was soon pegged as “Yonnnnnnnnnnnkers” with the best attempt at a NY accent. I must say this was one of my best rolls all time, I’m not sure how long I was rolling but it was long enough to win the table a good chunk of change to the point guys were throwing me red chips. The table went for a decent time and all the players thrived on the excitement with a lot of fist poundings and high fives, damn can’t wait to get back to a table. Like all things what goes up must come down and usually one of my rules is when a big stack/player goes out I soon follow, you have to be able to walk away especially when you see players with rolls doing the same. I ended the night up 100 had a drink than headed back to my room. I slept in that morning took a shower and checked out but now after hitting Harrah’s for a quick 65 on the wheel and craps.

After leaving Harrah’s I hit the hard rock but had little luck and was on to pawn stars than the Grand Canyon. I have to say I debated going in, the area where the shop is isn’t exactly gleaming and with the line outside the heat and the size I figured it may ruin one of my favorite shows. I have to give credit to the camera men who shoot this show because they could probably make my car look like a coach bus. My first impression going in was like is this it? I mean there was very little merchandise and it was very dismal. I think I was in and out in less than 3 minutes, I mean I know it’s a pawn shop but where does he sell all his stuff? He has to see more potential than just that and with his location he could afford more space. I actually was hoping to buy something like a little trinket but if it wasn’t 700 it was junk in my eyes. They had a whole case of rings and pendants that you would find on a boardwalk or a kiosk in a mall, they did have some decent poker chips but most were recent dollar chips from casinos and they wanted 10 really?. I left rather disappointed I mean I knew it was going to be small but come on Rick lets step it up.

I thought I was going to have a Vegas Canyon blog but I want to leave this MCD’s so it will have to wait. One other thing about Vegas is the heat is so intense I mean it’s basically like walking around in an oven. The heat there is like something you wear it presses and pushes on your exposed skin and once you walk out of the AC it hits you like a brick. Right now I am in Las Cruces NM but my plan was to spend my night 50 miles east but okay here’s the story. I was doing 85 on i10 at about 930 pm heading east bound and out of nowhere a semi was basically about 5 feet behind me blaring his brights on me, I have no idea where he came from but he was on my ass so much so it startled me I went to change lanes but he passed than cut off only to put half the rig in the dirt which spit up several rocks that hit my windshield mostly likely on purpose. I couldn’t believe the balls on this guy I was like you have to be kidding me!!! At the point he was doing about 95 and I decided to call it in to the state police gave them a description and a mile marker. I trailed him for a while eventually getting his plates and then phoning that in to the police as well but after his Cruces about 20 minutes later the chase was over for me. At that point when he was on my ass if I hit the brakes just a tap it wouldn’t have been pretty. Unfortunately the trucks didn’t have any markings but he was driving really fast and also cut off a tour bus I was just really hoping a cop would catch up to us so I could signal out this unmarked semi on the highway. At one point I was doing 95 thinking to myself saying what are you doing this could be the Cartal smuggling drugs. Oh boy that was certainly an interesting end to the night, on to the white sands park……



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