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I’m sitting in the Wild Horse Casino on the edge of Phoenix to play some craps but figured even if they didn’t I could steal some free wifi and some cool air on my way to Tuscon. It was 95 by like 830 and I stopped driving about 1:30 last night only to leave the cool canyon to the hot desert! I should probably do better with my blogs but I find its tuff at times to sit down and write as I am always either taking in the sites or driving and by the time I stop driving all I want to do is go to sleep. Anyways as I mentioned I was going to play some poker before heading to SD and I went to the Bicycle Casino. I have been to this card room once before several years ago and I’m trying to think of the site I use to play on at the time maybe poker room ha I use to get so excited for 1 dollar tournaments and remember I took one of them down. Moving on the bike is a real grinders room, it’s a huge poker room filled with a number of players all grinding it out. I always find it better to know that I am going to be sleeping where I’m playing that night especially with poker no need to worry about getting on the road and could focus on the cards and hopefully a decent session. The bike was good and I played till about 2am and I played rather well and cashed out up about 125 and since I was going to be in SD for a few days it’s always good to earn some spending cash. The security at the Bike was tuff as they canvassed the parking lot from the watch tower and constantly was driving around the lot. I had to repair my air mattress and since the security guards had come over several times I decided to leave and go to the commerce where I could be less of a mark to get bothered during the night.

So here was my idea to fix my air mattress again this is a somewhat enjoyable part of the trip as I mentioned as it brings out my creativity and a bit of work. I decided that I would cut a rubber glove into square and crazy glue it to the top of the mattress so the air in theory would press the glue and the patch together. I really thought this was going to work and perhaps if I had taken a bit more time it would have but the mattress is cheaply made and I decided to just let her go as she eased out of air for the last night. I got a coleman now and although it’s bigger its better than the last and very comfortable but I did have to douse the thing in fabreze to get rid of that rubber smell. I wonder if anyone is still reading your probably thinking this kid is traveling across the country and he is talking about air mattresses and poker lol!.

I woke up the next morning and drove to SD thinking I would once again start off the morning by gambling but was surprised when I came up to the Valley View Casino only to find out it was there concert hall as the casino is actually 40 minutes north!!. I should have realized it when pulling up but the building was splashed with casino signs and then again I have been surprised by casino’s in the past. For instance in Montana everything is a casino, it’s a bar/casino gas station/casino restaurant/casino but basically it’s just slots but all you see is casino signs. After washing and cleaning the car I finally made it to SD and specifically Pacific Beach. When I was about 5 minutes or so from my friends place and I looked up and my car was staring at me same color, make even license plate was yellow you would have thought I saw Larry David, I sped up and started beeping my horn and was able to roll down my window and say hello. The lady was from Rochester and she was traveling for work but it always catches me off guard to see a NY plate not to mention the same exact car. According to my friend SD is similar to Boulder as many people have moved from other parts of the country and seems to be a rather popular destination.

I got to SD and was greeted by the Pirri’s Joe, Andrea and Anita who I know from the days of Wollyworld and still remain good friends to this day. Joe’s sisters were actually supposed to leave on the 10th 7 days earlier but they found it hard to leave the relaxing atmosphere of SD and were still waiting for that great beach day. We started off the day by going for a walk around downtown and I found myself once again seeing if the weather would “burn off” as they say in SD. The good thing about our walk downtown is we decided to go down to the gaslamp district which is streets lined with shops, restaurants and bars. What I should mention is that comicon was going on so were able to experience that first hand and I’m glad we got to take it in. The streets were very crowded and a number of people were in costumes some even staying in character, you’re not really a pirate!. As we walked the streets you would just see the oddest character walk around the corner whether it be a pirate, fuzzy dog, Alien the list just goes and on and on and some I’m like what is that and often times the costumes were hand made. I’m actually glad we got to take that walk and see some of the crazy people walking around. I can’t imagine what it was like in the actual convention center which stretches for several city blocks and is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen.

In the late afternoon we made it down to the beach to do some surfing well Joe surfed in his wetsuit and I watched from the beach only going up to my knees as the water had a bit of a bite to it. After surfing we decided to catch the sunset and play some 2 on 2 volleyball. We came up with a loss in the game and a lot of failed volley attempts as Joe though he was serving for Team USA and was rather unforgiving. We had some very tasty sushi that night than Joe and I hit a few bars in Pacific Beach or PB as is referred to. PB is a very chilled, laid back atmosphere and it is filled with a younger crowd and several open bars. The following day we enjoyed a very nice beach day and according to them one of the nicer ones for the past two weeks but the water and the beach were beautiful and I got to do some body surfing. San Diego is very nice and I was impressed. Every direction you look seems to be a good one as you are surrounded by the bright blue pacific lined with beach after beach and the waterfront communities. You hear people say all the time that SD is so nice and in essence it really is. The weather is very steady usually in the high 70’s and sunny so you can’t go wrong. I spent close to 3 days and two nights in SD and I finished my trip off with a hike down to the secluded beach and a fish taco. I left SD that night but it wasn’t easy many times I come and go from city to city but when I get to spend time with good friends like in SD and Boulder it’s difficult to make that break. SD was great city I loved the fact that I was finally able to enjoy some nice weather, sit on the beach and swim in the Pacific. Although it can be difficult to leaves places and friends I can’t help to look forward to the next stop and for me the next one was a big one. I have always wanted to drive through the desert and go into Vegas and I was only about 5 hours away. I’ll be posting another blog shortly about Vegas and not very happy with my SD blog oh well perhaps I wasn’t in too much of a writing mood and not getting a good night sleep...


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