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Not even sure where I left off on my last blog but I believe I was in Seattle. At the present time I am in La La land about to eat some lunch before going over to the casino to grind it out for a bit. After leaving Seattle I headed south through Oregon with my first stop being right on the coast at the sea lion caves. I am a big water guy I love the ocean, lakes, river’s you name so it was a nice site to see the pacific. The spot I came out to was raised above the coast and a bit rocky but after being inland since leaving NY it was a relief to see the blue pacific. I was really looking forward to spending some time driving along the coast as I headed south to San Fran. I was surprised how chilly the air was and how much the wind was whipping off the water almost to the point of being cold. I spent about 30 minutes at the sea lion caves which are a privately owned area that allows you to view these animals in their natural habitat. The area has several seals probably between 100 and 175 that go between the rocky shore and the protection of the cave. I thought the price of 12 was a bit steep but it was still cool experience but it definitely helps to have binoculars.

As I pressed down the coast I hit a few casino’s and was able to win about 100 which always seems to put me in the good mood. I know I’ve mentioned but it really is a great rush putting that first 20 down on Roulette, by the way was in Seqouia this morning and my favorite tree was 17 so I’ll be playing that number quite a bit! I remember losing 20 quick after putting my last 5 on black after red had come up 5 times but the spin was still red and I was felted. At that point I was about to leave but I said it has to hit black so I walked back to the table put 20 on black and then doubled up played for a bit more and I think I left with 60. I had an amusing conversation with the dealer about my travels, now at times I open up and I’m honest but others I’ll just make up a story on where I live or why I’m there. In the past I usually get the same response like damn I wish I was doing the same thing, sounds like an awesome trip but its usually always along those lines.

So back to the driving, at one point 101 which is more inland splits off to 1 and heads out to the coast so I figured of course quick way to the pacific ehhhhhh?. The beginning of 1 is the most loopiest, swirly, up and down road I’ve ever been on I mean half the turns are 90 degrees, I was like AHHHHHHHH when does it end! That route out to the coast took a lot longer than expected and when I finally made it out I was just able to catch the last 10 minutes of the sunset. I sat admired the sunset while the waves crashed on the rocky shore. I than headed south again only to stop for the night about 25 miles in the next town. One thing I realized early on is that you don’t want to drive too much in the dark, you just miss too much so I decided to stop for the night and enjoy the coast in the morning. As I began my morning drive I noticed that the coast is often covered in fog as the temp of the water and air collide which often hides the landscape under the fog blanket. At this point highway 1 dipped along the coast back inland and then back to the coast. I would have rather stayed more along the coast like coast coast as it frustrated me to drive inland with the up’s and down’s and honestly I had seen enough of rolling hills and wanted the ocean! Highway one is a very scenic highway and a great route to take but I just expected more water rather than land. I am getting annoyed with my writing as I wanted to throw up a short blog and here I am going through minor details, so hmmm what’s left while I’m on the subject? I had Oysters for lunch, I still haven’t seen many out of state plates, my air mattress has a hole in in and popped the other night oh and I got to see the Redwoods which were huge tree’s that dominate any other’s.

So now on to San Fran, the bridge actually pops out of nowhere and the fog hit’s you hard. Again I was bit surprised on how much the fog rolls in and blankets the city and the bridge. Maybe it was too much of my full house impression where you see this grand red bridge stretching from side to side on a sunny clear day. I mean don’t get me wrong it was sunny but as I mentioned your often surrounded by the dense fof especially close to the bridge. As I drove across the bridge you could see the red towers and lines cutting through the dense fog. The fog in San Fran is almost mystical and I know some people like it but ehhh not a big fan a few times that morning I was like WTF when is this fog going to lift, it’s a great coast if you can see it! I decided to do the tourist thing park the car and walk across the bridge which was bit blustery but a pretty cool walk and I was able to snap some cool pictures and although I would have liked to see it on a clearer day I am not going to complain. There was one part of the bridge hmm I guess on the north side where the wind and fog were ripping through almost to the point of stopping you in your tracks. After the bridge I warmed up and took a walk out on Pier 39 which has a great view of alctraz. I was hoping to get a closer look and perhaps a tour but the tickets were sold out for the next two weeks! After seeing it first hand and watching a you-tube video you really begin to respect the mystery and curiosity of the rock. I myself love the history behind it and can’t help but to wonder what happen to those three people who made that escape and what life was like on the rock, perhaps I’ll read a book on it. It would have been a great tour to go on and I can only imagine how insane it would be to get a behind the scenes look, perhaps in the dungeons or from the guard towers.

San Fran is another unique city and I really enjoyed taking in the bridge and then touring around the up and down streets as I looked at all the cool living spaces. I was hoping to grab a drink but after a few failed attempts at not feeling the bars I decided to give that up grab some thai and head to bay 101 in San Jose. The bay 101 is somewhere where I knew I wanted to play, this isn’t a casino but a card room for card players. It was filled with grinders and quite honestly at my table a bunch of bad players I think 3 out of the bunch. I played for a few hours had a quick double up but then gave most back and after my table broke I didn’t last much longer. They play 1-2-2 which is interesting because it plays more like a 2-4 game than it does with a 1-2. One thing about Cali is they have several casinos and card rooms but they don’t offer Roulette or Craps. A few “casino’s” offer Mystery roulette which is basically played the same way but the ball and wheel is replaced by clicker and cards but its roulette at the end of the day. After waking up and getting ready for the next day I had to make a decision whether to head into the Sierra’s or to LA. For timing reason’s I figured I would be able to spend a day in LA on Friday than be in SD all weekend so I decided to detour in and check out some more giants. It’s always nice going from the concrete jungles of the cities to the lush landscapes of the forests. Seqouia and the Sierra’s were a quick stop by the time I got to my destination it was a bit dark so I decided to spend the night cook up some polish spaghetti and get a quick start to the day in the morning. I slept awful it was my worst night yet probably cause I dozed for an hour that afternoon and after several failed attempts my air mattress was still not holding. Although very frustrating I enjoy the challenge of trying to fix it along with other things on the trip. My car has become my home and I know its ins and outs and where everything is. At times it can become frustrating but when everything is in order and I lay down for the night it’s not a bad setup. One of my favorite books is by Steve Callahan called Adrift, on his cross Atlantic journey his sailboat capsized a week after leaving the shores of Spain and he spent 76 days adrift in the Atlantic. His home became his life raft with few supplies but he was extremely resourceful and you can’t help to admire his perseverance to get through that, I remember he says it is rather ironic that the biggest desert in the world is the ocean. So I may give it one more go today and if not I’m going to have to get a new one because sleeping without it is rather unbearable. I was able to see some more trees or giant’s as they call them and do some other sightseeing in the Sierra’s. Its interesting how each forest park has its own unique identity and know two are alike mostly do to the climate.

What’s next, looks like I’m headed to Commerce or Bike to put in a session of poker than perhaps some driving around LA but right now my real goal is to get back on 1 and to SD. I am really looking forward to sitting on the beach with friends and kicking back drinking sharing a few laughs. I hope the weather is nice and the water isn’t too cold because Northern Cali and San Fran was a bit cold for my liking. Sorry for the lag been spending my days on the beach! Leaving SD tonight after a hike and headed to Joshua Tree than on to VEGASSSSSS without Joe pfffff!


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